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August 2021


Engaging in modern life causes not to have enough time to do workout regularly. Busy city life does not let people have many friends to hang out with and play sports activities. Funday app is a mobile app provided when someone wants to participate in sports activities such as volleyball, soccer, and basketball. It can find a team in their level abilities, specific time, and location ASAP. One of the Funday app's other purposes is to create a team to gain some players to make a fun game.


I wanted to create a centralized platform with a particular vision for sports meet-ups because there are no meet-ups for local sports event platforms in intermediate and beginner levels to mix competition and fun. Per my findings, I identified that many users don't like to present their information on social media. Indeed, users struggle with immobility due to social isolation and poor communication.



I started the project by learning more about the users' experiences with participating in sports activities. Understanding a user's behavior would help the project have a more accurate idea of the features I needed to include in Funday.
I created a user survey to obtain quantitive data of users. 55% of users preferred to play volleyball, basketball, or soccer three days a month from the survey results. 17% of them would like to play one of those sports, three days a week, and the rest of users preferred to play rarely, three days a year. 50% of users were members of team channel on social media or website that 55% on Facebook, 33% on Telegram, and 33% on Whatsapp. The most crucial reason users choose to be on a team is fun, and only 17% are looking for competition.‍




The research gathered from the users, and competitive analysis helped collect user stories for Funday. I organized the stories from High, Medium, and Low.


The next step was to create user personas focused on the screener for Funday.


Tattoo Artist | Age: 39 | Hawaii

Goals & Needs

I am busy with my family and work, but I need physical activities. As I mention, I need to spend many times with my children because I am a single dad, so I cannot attend gym sessions regularly. I like to have clear information about the game's start time and cancel the report.

Hesitations & Pain Points

There is no social media sports group in Hawaii to join and enjoy the games. Some volleyball teams play every weekend at the tourist beach, but the level of their games is advanced. I never like to ask them to join because my group is not progressive.


University Student | Age: 24 | Boston

Goals & Needs

I like to communicate with new people. Playing basketball with neighbors takes me to childhood when I was looking for a friend. My boyfriend is a basketball player, and I want to learn how to play basketball. I hope there are beginner teams in the neighborhood.

Hesitations & Pain Points

I cannot find free competitions, and all of them are held at the gym, and I need to register for a month to join the team. I am not particularly eager to get nervous when I am playing. I want to play for fun, not competition.


Engineer | Age: 31 | Seattle

Goals & Needs

I used to play soccer in my country, and after I moved to Seattle, I decided to create a team. I am looking for permanent teammates. I want to book a field, but I need to know how many players join my team. I want to share the field booking fee between all players.

Hesitations & Pain Points

I cannot find any application to estimate how much each player should pay. In the Facebook group, there is no place to categorize game levels.


After understanding the users' competitors, I took data into user flows. The user stories helped me prioritize the main features included in Funday.


The next step was to sketch out what these screens would look like. Then implemented the content strategy into Figma.
         Main Page                                                                    .                                                                                               Team Search Page
View Funday Wireframe


The overall feeling of fun inspired Funday's name. I wanted the name to be fun and induce joy that reminds users of leisure time pleasure. Therefore, I selected Funday among some candidates' names to stand out for fun reasons more than the competition.


I designed the logo as follows seven steps:
1) Go through the product purpose
2) Extract essential points from the pre-deliverables
3) Draw sketches on paper
4) Select one or two of the sketches
5) Convert sketch to vector
6) Assign colors to the logo
7) Add to the project
I took all the information from the discovery phase to help me get a sense of the environment and the product's purpose. Next, I started generating logo ideas. Then I executed them digitally by Adobe Illustrator and tested different colors, fonts, spacing, and alignment. I needed to consider a Funday + Physical activity symbol, so I have decided to go on with the Sun illustration. Sketching the logo might be time-consuming, so I let my mind develop the imagination and idea mature, and I came back to the project after a break to have a fresh look to select the best one.


Firstly, I moved forward with having a simple color palette feature an Amaranth purple accent which is a monochromatic color scheme. The purple color palette was reminded a stale feeling that is far from youth and life. Therefore, I decided to use blue, green, white, and black to make the application fresh and active.


With the branding complete, I started working on the first set of high-fidelity mockup. The idea behind the first draft of the high-fidelity mock-up was to accurately represent how Funday would be used. Using the Funday app requires login because users need to save their own information and use them next time. The clickable prototype was implemented in Figma.
View High-Fidelity Mock-Ups


II tested the initial design with two participants interested in playing sports teams. In the usability tests, the participants had to accomplish five tasks.
Task1: Create an account.
Task2: Sign in to the user account.
Task3: Reserve a place on a team that plays on Fridays.
Task4: Create a team, then check it on the profile.
Task5: Edit profile info.
The testing results showed that the participants were approximately completing all tasks. There were slight problems with clickable parts and comments about the prototype that I would incorporate into the final mockup.After user testing, I decided to add the "Wishlists" option on my navigation to let users have the opportunity to save favorite events.
Moreover, the user testing result added a section called "Browse by Category" to clarify what the application is for users who open the application for the first time.


Having received feedback on the final designs, I worked on revisions to screens. I wanted to test them out to users to see their layout preferences with these revisions. The two tests that I had users test for was how the information would be displayed. How the logo looks to be, and how an item’s status should be shown to users.


Overall, I believe that I successfully captured the MVP of Funday. It was a great side project that I was interested in working on. I defined a solution for users to find a team to have a great time. This project was successful because I was able to involve all high-priority user stories with some medium and low stories. Funday can also be set up on Amazon echo dot skills till whenever users ask echo dot about a team near their places, echo dot as a third party device assists them to reserve a spot. Funday allows users to use notification, wishlists, and reservation options. I would look to add a chatbox to let users talk. In addition, set up tournaments between teams.

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